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A Truckers union leader and a group of employees go to trial for the blockade of an SME in Esteban Echeverría

The list of defendants is headed by Fabián Arévalo, a referent of the Monte Grande delegation. It’s because of “possession embarrassment” at the western chemical firm.

A union leader Truck drivers and seven employees of Química Oeste will go to trial for him blocking that supported the SME in May 2021. It is for the crime of “disturbance of possession”according to the request raised by the prosecutor Fernando Semisa to the judge of Guarantees Javier Maffucci Moore.

The trucking leader in question is Fabian “Coquito” Arevalo, representative delegate of Monte Grande in the union headed by Hugo Moyano. face a penalty between six months and three years in prisonn, according to the figure contemplated in the Penal Code.

In addition, seven employees of the firm, which supplies supplies to food and other items from 65 years ago.

The episode dates back to May 10, 2021, when a group of people established themselves at the door of the company in Esteban Echeverría and prevented the exit and entry of vehicles. They did it with a flag of the guild that Moyano leads.

The measure was intended that three workers left the Trade Employees Union and they will go to Truckers to, in this way, have their own delegate in the ranks of the SME.

Truck drivers and workers from Química Oeste block the SME in Esteban Echeverría, in May 2021. Photo Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

we suffer for two days, Monday and Tuesday, a permanent block. They arrived on Monday and we had the trucks ready to leave at 7:30 and some vans and cars passed us in front of the trucks. They told us ‘no one leaves here, no one works here‘”, explained Ignacio Dos Reis, owner of the firm.

In addition, the businessman assured that in reality the employees did not want to switch to Truckers. And he added: “If there were to be any discussion, the Trade Union with Truckers would have to have it to see what the employees’ framework is.”

Fabián Coquito Arévalo, from the Monte Grande de Camioneros delegation, will go to trial for blocking an SME.  Photo Facebook

Fabián Coquito Arévalo, from the Monte Grande de Camioneros delegation, will go to trial for blocking an SME. Photo Facebook

Extortion, dismissals and the company in progress

Given the two days of blockade and the millionaire losses occasioned, Dos Reis -sponsored by Florencia Arietto- filed a extortion complaint, disturbance of property and impediment of work. Although hours later the force measure was lifted, the victims upheld the court filing.

Already in 2022, between the end of June and the beginning of July, eight Truckers managers gave a statement to the prosecutor.

Secondly, workers who participated in the blockade were fired. They pushed for that decision to be reviewed, but Dos Reis suggested that he could close the company.

Faced with this situation, the rest of the workers sent a letter to the Ministry of Labor asking them to guarantee their working conditions. Although there was no official response, today the SME is still working.

“The only way to get out of this situation is by going to court to file complaints. There are businessmen who are encouraging themselves and there are already failures in which it is shown that this union patronage is illegal and inappropriate, at a time when there are employment problems in the country,” said Arietto when the case for the blockade began.

“The case was brought to trial for the blockade made by the Truckers’ Union to Esteban Echeverría’s Chemical West company. Together we continue to break down blockades and injustices,” celebrated this Wednesday from the Anti-Blockade Business Movement (MEAB) after the elevation to trial.

It is the entity that promotes Arietto and that, among others, includes owners of different companies that suffered recurrent blockades by Truckers. One of them is Dos Reis.


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