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A three-year-old innocent child fired a gun… lost his mother’s life

The father of the child has been taken into custody by the police.


In Chicago, America, a three-year-old child shot and killed his mother. It was being told that the innocent child was playing with the father’s gun, during which the accident happened. The bullet hit the back of the neck, after which the woman was taken to a hospital in Chicago. where he was declared brought dead. The police have also confirmed the incident that happened on Saturday. The accident happened on Saturday evening in the parking lot of a supermarket in Doulton, a suburb of the Midwestern city. The child was sitting in the child’s seat at the back of the car, with his parents in front of him. Meanwhile, the child managed to keep his hand on his father’s pistol while playing. Local police chief Robert Collins told AFP the child started playing with him inside the car. Meanwhile, the child pressed the trigger.


As soon as the child was pressed, the bullet hit his 22-year-old mother Dejah Bennett in the back of the neck. After which he was taken to a hospital in Chicago where he was declared brought dead. On the other hand, Collins said that the father of the child has been taken into custody. Police are investigating whether he legally owns a gun and whether he should be charged.

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According to an estimate, unintentional firing by minors causes an average of 350 deaths every year. Buying and owning a gun in America is very easy. According to a recent report from Everytown for Guns, “Every year, hundreds of children in the US are left unsupervised, loaded guns in cupboards and nightstand drawers, in backpacks and purses, or simply left and accidentally shot…

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