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‘A terrorist is a terrorist in any language’: S Jaishankar said in Singapore

Jaishankar said, “It is also natural that there will be different viewpoints. Diplomacy means finding a way to resolve it and reach some kind of agreement. Jaishankar said that however there are some issues when there is clarity and no confusion. Giving the example of terrorism, he said, “You can take it in any language, but a terrorist is a terrorist in any language.”

“Never defend something like terrorism just because they’re using a different language or giving a different explanation,” he said, indirectly pointing to China.

China has often blocked India and US proposals in the UN Security Council to blacklist several Pakistani terrorists, including Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Sajid Mir. He said there may be issues where two nations actually have different views and “there will still be issues when they are used as a shield to justify.”

He said that one should be able to recognize the difference and find a way to deal with it. In his address, Jaishankar referred to India-Singapore ties dating back to the days of the independence struggle, when Subhash Chandra Bose founded the Azad Hind Fauj and called for ‘Delhi Chalo’.

Jaishankar said, “He (Netaji) remains a visible inspiration for our entire country.” Jaishankar said this when he along with about 1,500 members of the Indian diaspora attended the screening of a short film on Netaji made in Singapore.

Addressing members of the business-oriented Indian community here, Jaishankar said that as India has globalized, the relations between the two countries, which started with the ‘Look East’ policy, have moved forward with the ‘Act East’ policy and… Now India is involved in the Indo-Pacific – the story in many ways really began in Singapore.

Jaishankar underlined that the more India globalises, every aspect of it will be reflected in the depth and quality of relations with Singapore.

Jaishankar, who is on a three-day visit to the Asian financial hub Singapore, said, “Singapore has been a partner in India’s globalization and that role and cooperation is something that we value.”

Jaishankar also informed the Indian community of Singapore about the fast pace of infrastructure development in India and highlighted the theme ‘India is a Global Friend’.

He said, “This is an India which will not come under pressure, which will speak its mind. If it has to choose a choice, we will choose the welfare of our citizens… So, the idea is of a stronger, more capable India, which is willing to take the difficult path.

Jaishankar assured that this is an India that takes care of its citizens and people of Indian origin. He said, “An increasing number of Indians are settling in different parts of the world and if they are in some difficult times, it is our responsibility to protect them, ensure their welfare and bring them back home.”

He cited Ukraine and Sudan as examples, where Indians were caught in the middle of conflict.

The Foreign Minister pointed to the global respect received by Chandrayaan’s landing on the Moon. Pointing to the supply of vaccines to about 100 countries during Covid-19, he said, “There is an India which is a friend of the world.”

Jaishankar said, “We come forward in times of difficulties.” He said that during the economic crisis of Sri Lanka, India gave a package of 4.5 billion US dollars to the island country.

“Today in the Indian Ocean, if there is a problem and the situation is very difficult in the Red Sea, we have 21 ships that are combating piracy,” he said. Nimit Shedh of the Singapore Gujarati Society said, “It is It was very informative (the address).

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