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A project seeks to generate new jobs for programmers and students

Within the framework of the celebration of the Business Meeting 2022 that took place in the city of San Nicolás, Province of Buenos Aires, the project was officially launched #IProgramInMyCity which derives from the Software as a Future – SaaF – initiative promoted by CESSI.

The objective of the project is to create work networks between the member companies of CESSI and the cities of the country, offering support to who are being trained in the area of ​​software.

On the other hand, it seeks to encourage the development of seedbeds, courses and programs complementary internships that contribute to the training of new talent so that they can access their first job in the software industry.

“From CESSI we want create 400,000 new jobs and generate more than 20,000 million dollars of annual gross production to the year 2031, making the software industry the second most important in the country in terms of wealth generation,” says Blas Briceño, vice president of CESSI and promoter of the SaaF program.

The software industry, one of the most prosperous. CESSI

The municipalities, as the first level of the State, are one of the protagonists of the #YoProgramoEnMiCiudad since they will be responsible for setting up a physical space, with equipment and good connectivity, which will serve as a meeting point to generate a community between all people who are studying IT degrees.

“As if to put it in perspective, the #YoProgramoEnMiCiudad project becomes one more link in the chain necessary to achieve this ambitious goal,” says Briceño.

The educational institutes will also play a fundamental role within the project, they will serve as spaces for design and implement training courses complementary in the area of ​​technology that will add to the training of the people of the municipality.

The SaaF seeks to articulate all the actors: the municipal state, educational institutions and private companies, within an ecosystem that allows providing more opportunities to people who are currently interested or are training in the area of ​​software to create new jobs in quality and develop the knowledge economy in Argentina.

Top salaries

The software industry leader in the field of jobs.  CESSI

The software industry leader in the field of jobs. CESSI

Salaries in the software industry grew by 85% in 2021 and reached a “median” of 210 thousand pesosaccording to data from a survey prepared by the Chamber of the Argentine Software Industry (Cessi).

In this way, the increase last year was 34.1 points above the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which was 50.9%.

The median salary of workers in the software industry reached in January of this year, almost tripled the 78,600 pesos of the Basic Family Basket of that month measured by the Indec.

In that sense, Cessi projected that for July of this year the average will be $275,000. The median is a statistical concept that indicates the value of the central position variable in a data set.

In other words, in this case it means that half of the software workers received wages in January of more than $210,600.

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