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A photo of actor Michael B. Jordan appeared on the list of suspects in a massacre in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro – A photo of the American actor Michael B. Jordan, the Hollywood star who has participated in films such as “Black Panther” and “Creed”, appeared on a wanted list by the Civil Police of Ceará, in northern Brazil, suspected of participate in a massacre that took place at Christmas.

The image was one of three photos in the Photographic Recognition catalog that authorities used to identify one of those allegedly involved in the crime, and which resulted in the capture of a 17-year-old teenager, authorities confirmed this Friday.

The massacre took place in the early morning of December 25, when a group of hooded men entered shooting a soccer field in the Sapiranga neighborhood of Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, leaving five men dead and six others wounded.

According to police, 28 people have so far been linked to the massacre.

Identification through photographs is one of the procedures used by the authorities to confirm a suspect of a crime and on some occasions they use photographs of personalities to verify the credibility of witnesses who are pointing to a defendant.

“Photographic recognition is only one of the steps that can lead to the indictment of a defendant. Witness statements and the experience of experts at the crime scene (fingerprint collection, security camera analysis, for example) are also part of the investigation process, ”the police said in a statement.

He also pointed out that using this type of images “does not reflect the routine” of that body and said that this kind of procedure will not be used again to identify suspects, but will use photographs of people with a history of similar crimes.

Jordan, who is also a producer and director, became known with the American series “Friday Night Lights” and his first big role in the cinema had it with “Fruitvale Station” (2013) under the command of Ryan Coogler.

This director became one of his most faithful allies in Hollywood since he not only recruited him for “Creed” but also made him a great world star with “Black Panther” (2018), in which he played the main villain.

The actor will now make his directorial debut with the third “Creed” film, the saga that brought the legendary “Rocky” boxing stories back to the ring and on the big screen.


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