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A new survey measured the Province for president: with or without Cristina, the Frente de Todos did poorly

With her it is not enough, but without her, can it be a catastrophe? A new election poll feeds the debate on the role that Cristina Kirchner in the next presidential election, a discussion that deepened in the ruling party since Mauricio Macri announced that he was stepping aside. The survey was done in Buenos Aires province and the The results for the Frente de Todos, with and without the vice president, were terrible.

The studio is from circuits, a girl consultant who has been measuring for years for politics. Her studies tend to circulate in pro-government and left-wing circles. The firm is run by the analyst Paul Roma.

Between March 21 and 23, he surveyed the 1,186 phone cases in Buenos Aires, and presented the results with +/- 3.5% margin of error. Clarion He advanced part of the work this Tuesday, with the numbers for the fight for the governorship; there an alert was already being lit for the Government, due to a striking tie in the base district of the FDT.

But tougher are the numbers that work raises for the presidential election. In 2019, the advantage by more than 15 points that the Fernández obtained there was key to the national victory. Now they appear below. And by a lot. Although it is worth countering that in other polls the bid is much more even and, in general, with the ruling party at the top.

STEP scenarios with and without Cristina

The first two tables proposed by the survey measure for the presidential primaries of August 13. And the ruling party is evaluated with and without the vice. In the opposition, they still ponder Macri to whom, by the way, he was not doing well either.

The hypothesis that includes Cristina ends with the former president as the most voted. But that 20.8%added to a lean 3.7% of Sergio Massaleave the front of all with only 24.5% in Province.

Together for Change offers three variants and gets almost 20 points. stays with 43.1%thanks to a 20.3% of Patricia Bullrich, 14.7% of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and 8.1% of Macri.

further away complete javier milei (libertarian, 10.1%), gabriel solano (from the Left Front, 4.3%), Guillermo Moreno (Peronist, 3.3%) and none (14.7%).

The second hypothesis of a presidential STEP in the Province is without the vice president and there the figure is already catastrophic for the FDT. circuits it gives 10.4% to Massa and 6.3% to Fernández. Overall: 16.7%. It is almost 30 points behind JXC, which combines 21.5% from Bullrich, 14.8% from Larreta and 9.6% from Macri. Fictitious scenario because it is already known that the former president will not appear. But the same bombshell for the Rosada.

In this case, they close below miley (10.7%), solano (4.9%), Dark (3.5%) and none (18.3%).

Interns at the FDT with and without Cristina

The other statement that confirms the weight of the former president in the ruling party measures internal within the Front of All. Always with the same logic: for the presidential election and within the province of Buenos Aires.

When the vice is included in the palette of options, it leads with 43.8%followed by Massa (16.1%), Kicillof (7.2%), Fernández (6.4%), De Pedro (5.8%), Scioli (5.7%), Manzur (1.1% ), other (2.3%) and don’t know (11.6%).

When the offer excludes it, the official vote is dispersed a little more:

1) Sergio Massa 24.6%.

2) Axel Kicillof 17.5%.

3) Alberto Fernandez 10.3%.

4) Daniel Scioli 9.6%.

5) Wado de Pedro 8.2%.

6) Juan Manzur 1.2%.

– Another 6.9%.

– Don’t know 21.7%.

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