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A new survey evaluated the duel of the moment: how are Alberto Fernández vs. Cristina Kirchner

If the image is a parameter of the internal between Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner, it could be said that the fight is bringing better short-term revenue to the vice president, but with the president still clearly ahead. This is shown by a new survey to which he agreed Clarion this week. And it’s not just another poll. measured the maximum duo of the Front of All in the 24 provinces from the country.

The study is from CB Public Opinion Consultant, the firm that best predicted the 2021 elections. It is characterized by its federal measurements, such as an interesting ranking of governors. Among its clients it has local administrations and the City Government.

Clarín advanced another official duel from that same report: the numbers by Máximo Kirchner and Wado de Pedrotwo fielders who sound like possible 2023 candidates. In all cases, results were obtained from a survey from 600 to 1,020 interviews by province, between 1 and 2 April.

How tall are the Fernandezes?

The general comparison in the leadership of the Government today leaves better off the presidentwhat’s wrong with it higher assessment than the vice in the 24 districts evaluated. In other words: it beats him throughout the country, even with the sustained drop that Alberto Fernández’s image has been showing for more than a year.

But when the results of April are compared with those of February -the previous parameter-, there the balance smiles at the vice: Cristina increased her numbers in 15 of the 24 provinces, while the President casually fell in the same amount: 15 of 24. Inverted photo.

Despite this trend, as explained, Alberto Fernández’s numbers are still better: have more positive than negative in six provinces (Santiago del Estero, Formosa, Catamarca, Tucumán, Santa Cruz and Chaco). And it adds more than 40 points in favor in another 10 (La Rioja, San Juan, Buenos Aires, Tierra del Fuego, Corrientes, La Pampa, Río Negro, Misiones, San Luis and Jujuy).

The worst, like the bulk of the ruling party, the President suffers in the urban center of the country: the strip of CABA, Entre Ríos, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Mendoza; the places where Mauricio Macri won in 2019. In several of those provinces it exceeds 60 negative points. In Córdoba he has the record: -70.8%.

Cristina’s is similar, but a whole step below: shows positive differential in only three districts (Santiago del Estero, Formosa and Santa Cruz), exceeds 40 points in favor in five more (Chaco, Tucumán, Buenos Aires, San Juan and Tierra del Fuego) and rejection in 10 provinces is greater than 60 points (Córdoba, Neuquén, Mendoza, CABA, Jujuy, La Rioja, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, San Luis and Chubut).

How tall is Massa?

The another member of the power tripod that evaluated the consultant was Serge Massa. The head of the House of Representatives, emboldened since the approval of the agreement with the IMF, raised his profile and seeks to show itself as a variant before the internal crack of Alberto and Cristina. He tries to appear equidistant although the last acts, the photos and the political actors who closely follow the relationship put him closer to the vice and his son Máximo.

Beyond speculation, what is concrete in this survey is that the former mayor of Tigre improved his numbers and quite a bit: raised its image in 20 of the 24 provinces. In any case, it came, and continues, with levels generally lower than the presidential duo.

With the rebound, the head of Deputies shows differential in favor in four provinces (Misiones, Santiago del Estero, Formosa and Salta) and has more than 40% support in five other (Tucumán, Corrientes, La Rioja, Buenos Aires and San Juan).

The greater rejection is also exhibited in large urban centerslike Alberto and Cristina: Córdoba – 60.1%, Mendoza – 59.2% and CABA – 62.4%.

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