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A new era begins at Real Zaragoza

The President of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambanhas revealed that in the interview held this Tuesday with the new owner of the Royal Saragossa, George Morehas expressed his satisfaction at having taken charge of the club while wishing him to put together “a great project”.

“I have expressed my satisfaction to Mr. Mas because he has taken charge of the club and I have wished him to carry out a great sports project, a competitive project that allows Real Zaragoza to return to the First Division and be in privileged places in the League”, he explained in the presentation of a company that is going to settle in the Huesca Logistics Platform.

Lambán commented that as he learned about the evolution of the conversations between Jorge Mas’ investment group and Real Zaragoza, he showed “andhopeful and excited” since he “sincerely” believes that the club “I couldn’t fall into better hands.”

“After sixteen years of setbacks, of disappointments for Zaragoza and for Aragón in general because things have not gone as they should in the club, we have been in the Second Division for nine years in a row. Now the club has been taken over by a investor with enthusiasm and with many economic resourcesand this is quite important,” he stressed.

The President of the Government of Aragon has commented that he had explained to Jorge Mas something that is not well known to public opinion, that between the Government of Aragon and the City Council of Miami (USA) there is a relationship of collaboration and cooperation in matters cultural, economic and sports that was going to start in 2019 but that with the arrival of the elections first and, after COVID, had stopped and is now about to resume.

“I have told Mr. Mas, who is a good friend of the mayor of Miami, Francis Suárez, who in turn is a good friend of ours because that, in addition, gives a certain context to the landing of Mr. Mas in Zaragoza and specifically in the Real Zaragoza”, he pointed out.

Lambán has pointed out that he has spoken with the new president of the ‘blanquillo’ club “controversial football field issue” and he has commented that if Aragon wants to be a sub-host of the 2030 World Cup, if the candidacy of Spain and Portugal is the winner, a new soccer field must be built.

“It would have to be done compulsorily even if there was no World Cup given the state in which it is the old field of La Romareda and I have encouraged Mr. Mas to lead this operation to build a new field,” he stressed.

In this regard, he added that the Government of Aragon, from a strictly budgetary point of view, has “a precarious situation, like all administrations”, which makes it impossible for it to make monetary contributions but that there are other ways of collaborating and cooperating and that ” all of them are at the disposal of the new owner”.

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