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A new character from the comic universe “La Borinqueña” premieres at the Puerto Rico Comic Con

Look, there, in the sky! It is a bird! It is a plane!

No! Is “The Borinqueña”.

In the first panel of the comic that bears her name, the Nuyorican superheroine Marisol Rios de la Luz he flies over a body of water as he begins to tell the story about how he acquired his abilities. In that first frame, a young woman with black skin and curly hair can be seen, wearing a dress inspired by the flags of Puerto Rico —both the single-starred one and the flag embroidered by Mariana Bracetti—. Red, white and baby blue intermingle in simple lines and patterns that are complemented by a cape. Above the heart, a five-pointed star shines, as the source of his powers.

In honor of the tradition of all superheroes, the origins of La Borinqueña are fantastic and complex. A student of Puerto Rican descent who lives in New York moves to the island to continue her university studies in environmental sciences. During the passage of a hurricane, she discovers a series of magical stones that, when joined together, form “La Estrella del Camino”, a relic that connects her with Taíno deities that grant her spectacular powers and assign her a mission: to protect Borinquen.

When Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez decided to bring his character to life, he was clear about the message he wanted to convey. “I wanted to create a book, a series that could make that connection between Borinquen and the diaspora to recognize that in the diaspora, if we have that flag at home, in the car, on a tattoo, we have a responsibility to support and connect with Borinquen” he explained.

Miranda-Rodríquez will be presenting her new character during Puerto Rico Comic Con 2023. (David Villafane/Staff)

Miranda-Rodríguez spent most of her childhood and adolescence traveling and moving between different parts of Puerto Rico and the United States. She was formed with strong roots in Latino and Puerto Rican activism at the hands of members of the Young Lords and other important groups in that scene, and she always felt a call to tell stories about her country and its struggles.

“I have always seen that popular culture has the power to move more people than just a protest in the street. And protests are important, but when you learn a song or put on a character’s T-shirt and get a superhero tattoo, it’s because that superhero or that character or that song reflects values ​​that touch your soul.” he said about his motivations.

The La Borinqueña comic was published for the first time in 2016. It was the same year that it was announced that the public debt could not be paid and the imposition of a Board that would control the economic resources of the country was announced. After the publication of several comics in which the main character was developed, Miranda-Rodríguez decided that he wanted to expand the world of his imagination. “I have always wanted to develop a universe, but for me it was important to establish La Borinqueña”.

Although in issue #3 of “La Borinqueña” he made a brief introduction to this team of heroes, this week he will officially present the first individual story of one of its members with the comic “Gold, the golden coquí”. gold is really Orlando Ruiz Ocasio, a young man from Loice who joins the team of the main heroine after acquiring powers that allow him to change his size. His uniform consists of a vejigante mask —in the style of Loíza—, and a suit of green, red and gold colors with the image of a Taino coquí on the chest.

“Oro, the golden coquí #1” will make its debut at the Puerto Rico Comic Con, with a cover designed by Christian Muniz Torres (credited as Christian Torres), son of Puerto Rican beauty queen, dayanara torres and Mark Anthony. Edgardo Miranda-Rodríguez has been consistent with the messages he wants to convey through his art and his commitment to creating new and hopeful narratives about his country.

“It is an opportunity for those who are reading the book outside of Puerto Rico, to learn from Loíza, to learn about this town and also about what is happening, that there is a movement of private businesses, that are buying the island, that are trying to kick people out,” he said.

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