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A mother murders her daughter after denouncing an alleged kidnapping

The Italian police transfer the body of the minor. / ef

The body of the little girl, five years old, was found on the outskirts of Catania after the woman collapsed and confessed to the crime

Shock in Italy to learn that little Elena del Pozzo, a five-year-old girl allegedly kidnapped on the outskirts of the Sicilian city of Catania, had instead been murdered by her mother. The woman denounced her alleged disappearance on Monday, assuring that three hooded men, one of whom was holding a gun, took the little girl after she picked her up at the nursery.

After a night of interrogations in which the mother, Martina Patti, 23, incurred numerous inconsistencies that led to the suspicions of the Carabinieri, the woman collapsed on Tuesday and ended up confessing the crime, without being able to explain the reasons for the murder. Her statement made it possible to find the girl’s body, which was found in a vacant lot near Patti’s home, which she had covered with earth and ashes to try to hide it. Her mother will be charged with aggravated homicide and concealment of her body.

The Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation to clarify this crime that could have its origin in the disputes he had with the father of the little girl. The two lived in separate houses. «We had believed the story of the hooded men. We had no reason not to. Elena was a wonderful girl, “said Rosaria Testa, her maternal grandmother. The lady spoke to the local media about the fights between her son and her daughter-in-law, who on one occasion mistreated the girl.

“One day he was hitting him and we had to take it off his hands. That morning I walked her to school and told her that no one loved her more than me. She looked at me and let me know that she understood me. Her mother had an authoritarian and aristocratic attitude. She decided when she took the girl », declared the grandmother. Her husband, Giovanni Del Pozzo, described her daughter-in-law as “a very closed woman” and asked her to pay for what she has done, also inviting the Carabinieri to check if she has had any accomplices.

The girl’s aunt, Martina Vanessa Del Pozzo, also reported that Patti would have tried to link the father to the disappearance of the little girl: “I wanted to set a trap for my brother. A year ago he was unjustly accused of a robbery, but fortunately he was exonerated. When he went from jail to house arrest, we found a threatening note under the house that said: ‘Don’t be a snitch, be careful what you do.’ My brother didn’t know anything. The girl’s mother related that note to the kidnapping.”

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