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A larretista went out to hit Néstor Grindetti for the crime of Morena in Lanús and later repented

“The mayor should prioritize security instead of running a political campaign,” said the Buenos Aires legislator on social networks. He then he deleted the message.

In the midst of the commotion over the crime of Morena Domínguez -11 years old- in Lanús, a Buenos Aires PRO leader from the Horacio Rodriguez Larreta He went out to cross the mayor of Lanús, Nestor GrindettiPatricia Bullrich’s gubernatorial candidate.

“11-year-old brunette murdered near her school by a motorcycle in broad daylight to steal her backpack. Where the hell are the Minister of Security and the Buenos Aires governor? The mayor should prioritize security instead of running a political campaign. TAKE CHARGE”, wrote the Buenos Aires legislator and president of the PRO of Capital, Claudio Romero.

Although minutes later he deleted the tweet, the text had already been captured. When questioned by a journalist who considered his comment “insensitivity and obsession with electoral calculation,” Romero replied.

He toned down the criticism and I assure you that the front of Together for Change will remain united.

“Argentina hurts me. These aberrational events cannot happen in our country. All I want is for justice to be done for Morena and her family. I have known Néstor Grindetti for years and I know that it hurts him too, for that reason I apologize.“, he assured.

And he added: “We are going to continue working all TOGETHER because we want this not to happen anymore in the Province or in any district.”

Patricia Bullrich planned to close her campaign this Thursday precisely in Lanús with Grindetti, but like most of the candidates from various political forces, he suspended the meeting.

In the final stretch of the campaign, the internal between Bullrich and Larreta added former president Mauricio Macri, who did not define who he will vote for, but marked differences with the mayor of Buenos Aires for the inclusion of references from other spaces in his lists.

“I am convinced of the need to build a broad and solid majority; we need laws in Congress, all proposals require laws in Congress, and they are voted for by majority. Without laws there are no changes,” Larreta had responded to the former president.

Bullrich also crossed it to his internal adversary: ​​”If the consensus is to leave everything the same, it is not a consensus, it is a surrender,” the PRO leader declared this week, alluding to the head of the Buenos Aires government.

However, it was also Macri who managed to bring them together in a photo supporting his cousin, Jorge Macri, in the candidacy for head of the Buenos Aires government. And it is known that on election Sunday they will share a bunker.

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