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A friend of Brenda Uliarte and Sabag Montiel revealed that the young woman ‘said she wanted to kill Cristina’

A friend of Brenda Uliarte and Fernando Sabag Montiel, the main targets for the attack against the vice president, said Wednesday that the 23-year-old, in talks with her inner circle, said “that he wanted to kill Cristina” Kirchner.

The young man, one of the five people who accompanied Uliarte in a television interview that he gave a day after the attack on the former president at her home in Recoleta, recounted details about how they found out about that episode and what decision they made as a group.

“When we returned to the house where we were making the cotton we had dinner, a chat with friends. I was the first to find out that Cristina was attacked, through my cell phone. I was sitting up in bed, reading and immediately doing research. I could not believe that the vice president was attacked, “Miguel Ángel reported in TN.

And I add: “I see the photo of the attacker and I see that it is him, and I was perplexed. I said ‘guys, Nando was the one who attacked Cristina’. There was a euphoric cry of ‘I can’t believe it’. And when we turned on the TV, the face and name (of Sabag Montiel) appeared.”

Brenda Uliarte, escorted by the PSA.

Miguel Ángel, who is dedicated to selling cotton candy like the young woman who was charged this Wednesday for “having tried to kill” the vice president together with her partner, “counting for this on the planning and prior agreement between the two”, He recounted what the hours after the attack were like.

She (Brenda) denied that she was with Fernando (the day of the attack). She directly said that she had not seen him for two days. She told us by phone and in the morning, when we contacted her again on Friday at 11, we told her ‘if you’re in trouble, come with us, we’re going to get ahead, we’re going to support each other and we’re going to testify in court. Justice and in the media that we are innocent’”, he affirmed.

In these circumstances, the mobile that Uliarte and five friends starred in Telefé would have been promoted. There, the 23-year-old woman who had different virtual alter egos and even a parallel occupation as a porn streamer, had stated that she was “puzzled” by what happened, while she denounced threats.

“Since I’ve known her, Brenda always showed very anti-Peronist attitudes. The majority of the group are anti-Kirchnerists, but the only one who said that she wanted to kill Cristina, was her”, admitted Miguel Ángel.

The judicial situation of Brenda Uliarte is complicated

After the investigative statement on Tuesday night, in which Uliarte denied any involvement in the events, the court in charge of María Eugenia Capuchetti provided details regarding the formal accusation imposed on the 23-year-old girl, detained since Sunday.

In that sense, when explaining what the accusation against Brenda Uliarte is based on, it was detailed that the event that had Cristina Kirchner as the only victim “had prior planning and agreement”, that the young woman “was present in the vicinity of the where they arrived together (with Sabag Montiel)”. In parallel, it was found that both “had the seized firearm with its ammunition since the date prior to the incidentat least from August 5, 2021 “.

Prior to the imputation of his partner, Sabag Montiel had assured that neither Brenda nor he had anything to do with in the attack against Cristina Cristina. The young man refused to testify and only spoke those words before leaving the office and returning to his place of detention. Justice believes the opposite.

Sabag Montiel was also formally accused of having collected two boxes of ammunition with the name MAGTECH “each containing 50 intact 32 caliber automatic cartridges.” The ammunition was seized last Friday when, by order of Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti, the apartment in San Martín shared by the couple was searched.

They were not the only accusations made against both young people. They were attributed, among the crimes already mentioned, “having falsified and/or having participated in the falsification of the disability certificates issued in their name by the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires, through the provision of their filiation data” .

His friends, meanwhile, testified before the Justice and proposed a joint strategy: detach from the attack. His statements, along with the account of an explosive WhatsApp message in which Uliarte allegedly said he was proud of Sabag Montiel’s attack, complicated the two defendants.


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