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A fan detects a tumor on the coach’s neck in the middle of the game

Brian hamilton is a former hockey player with over 1,000 matches as a professional in the NHL, now an assistant to the Vancouver Canucks, and during a game held on October 23 in Seattle, Hamilton was sitting on the bench when a young fan noticed a very suspicious mole on his neck.

The fan wrote a message on her mobile and it was showed Hamilton to warn him that the mole could be carcinogenic: “The message you showed me on your mobile will be forever etched in my brain and has made it possible for me to stay alive.” The coach, intrigued by the disinterested action of the fan, took the tests days after finishing the game.

Indeed, the lunar was carcinogenic, a melanoma that doctors felt should be removed as soon as possible. “His instincts were right and that mole on the back of my neck was a malignant melanoma and thanks to your persistence and to the fast work of the doctors, it is gone, “says Hamilton.

Investigative work by the Seattle press paid off and they unmasked the heroine who saved Brian from a scare. His name is Nobody Popovic, has 22 years old and a medical student. The mole was familiar to her from seeing melanomas in many patients while doing hospital internships. “He looked at my phone and walked away and I thought maybe he was already aware of the problem. I’m so glad I was able to help,” she said.

Hamilton, once recovered, made a statement through the Canucks’ social networks to thank the gesture. Last Saturday, Seattle and Vancouver met again and made a donation of $ 10,000 each to help medical schools.


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