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A drug boat ran over and killed two civil guards in southern Spain

At least two civil guards died after being run over this Friday night by a drug boat in the port of Barbate, near Cádiz, in southwestern Spain. In addition, there is one officer seriously injured and another with minor injuries.

“A painful goodbye to our colleagues who died today in the act of duty when their boat was suddenly hit by a narcolancha in the Port of Barbate,” the Civil Guard communicated in an official statement in which they sent condolences to families and friends of the fatal victims.

Several videos circulated on social networks of the moment in which the occupants of the narco-boats – powerful vessels – performed spinning and other skills in an illegal exhibition, west of the Strait of Gibraltar. The boats were chasing each other at high speed, in the middle of the waves, when the authorities appeared.

In their boat, more modest than the rest, the civil guards tried to stop the situation. First they were mocked, in front of dozens of witnesses who in their boats followed the chase as if it were a day of bullfighters. Then they were hit by another boat. The two fatalities were divers, the newspaper reported The world.

At least two civil guards were killed by a drug boat in southern Spain.

“That’s the Police, and with a shitty boat“With what they have here, they have nothing else,” is the comment heard from a witness.

The Unified Association of Civil Guards (AUGC) “deeply regretted these tragic events” on the social network From that entity they distributed a harsh document in which they claimed the “immediate” resignation of Fernando Grande-Marlaska Gómez, Minister of the Interior.

“AUGC will appear as a popular accusation in the judicial procedure. To find out who gave the order to carry out this operation with these means and what measures will be taken,” the association expressed.

Regarding the minister, they pointed to “abandonment and the terrible management of citizen security in Campo de Gibraltar.” They recalled a phrase that the official said in the last few hours, in which he declared the place as “safer”, and reiterated: “Marlaska cannot continue leading the Interior any longer.”

The Bay of Cádiz is a regular scene of drug seizures by customs agents and Spanish law enforcement agencies.

Spain is one of the European drug import routes, and the Andalusia region, due to its proximity to Morocco where cannabis resin is produced, is one of the gateways for the drug.

“The drug boats are rampant, there are numerous ones in all the docks with gasoline to supply others. We have been saying this for a long time. What we do not expect is that tomorrow they will come here to the funeral to offer many condolences when later they do not provide the necessary means.“claimed the anti-drug prosecutor of Cádiz, Ana Villagómez, in dialogue with Chain Being.

He explained that drug boats are not only used for drug trafficking or illegal merchandise, but also for migrant trafficking.

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