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A deputy K said that she was ashamed of Beliz’s project to regulate social networks: ‘The disconnection from reality is strong’

The deputy of the Front of All Cecilia Moreau He added fuel to the fire inside the Government by criticizing this Wednesday the announcement made by Gustavo Beliz, Secretary of Strategic Affairs, to regulate the internet and social networks.

I was embarrassed to listen to Beliz yesterday we talked about the internet issue and the use of networks,” said the vice president of the block of Deputies of the Front of All, in dialogue with Futurock.

There, he assured that “when you talk about freedom of expression you have to be clear about what you are going to say, because brushing against all that is always complicated.” And he remarked that Béliz “threw a confusing title in the wrong field.”

The feeling of disconnection with reality is strong“, he added.

Moreau also fired at the opposition, which rushed out to the Beliz crossing, accusing them of interfering with the population’s freedom of expression: “You have Bullrich’s hypocrisy that came out to criticize something that was not understood what it was because it was hard for me to understand what Beliz was talking about.

“Then you have the cheeky ones who came out to talk when they jailed tweeters for anything,” he added.

In turn, deputy K referred to the inmate of the Frente de Todos and asked “Finish it with the operations for the newspapers and the off” in the pool.

“We have to understand that the real problems are in the salary, that prices stop rising, of being able to access decent housing, with the predictability that we are going to have a not so unstable future. So we are also failing at something,” sentenced.

Finally, he supported the project promoted by senators K to pay the IMF with the collection of a tax on those who have assets abroad without declaring: “What is being discussed is whether the agreement with the Fund has to be paid by the popular majorities that one day they got up to go to work and found out that we owed millions of dollars or if the evaders have to pay“.

“What the effort proposes is clear, recover that money, let them make the effort, those who took the money out of the country. I hope we can debate it in Congress,” he added.

And he said that “there was always a flight but the macrismo aggravated it a lot” and that “although it is a titanic task” to find those goods, “there is not much return, you have to look for Macri’s friends“.

“It is an act of economic justice, it orders the political and the cultural. We have been saying for a long time that we want to discuss a fairer and more progressive system of tax collection. Perhaps it is time that we can discuss it,” he concluded.

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