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A cyberattack triggers anti-aircraft alarms in Jerusalem

Israeli Army self-propelled artillery piece. / AFP

The Defense Minister says that the Hebrew State is preparing offensive options against Iran “in case they are necessary”

The Israeli authorities on Monday blamed the fact that the anti-aircraft alarms went off on Sunday night in various neighborhoods of Jerusalem and the city of Eilat (south) on a cyberattack, without at the moment having attributed the author.

The Internal Front Command explained that the alarms that went off depended on local civil systems and not on the national system, before adding that measures will be taken to prevent new similar events, according to the Israeli newspaper ‘Haaretz’. For its part, the newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’ reported that the alarms sounded in the Jerusalem districts of Katamunim, Beit Hakerem and Neve Yaakov, as well as in Eilat, where they were active for about an hour.

Israeli media reported that the main suspicions for now fall on Iran, amid a new spike in tensions in recent weeks following the assassination of a senior Revolutionary Guards official in the Iranian capital, Tehran. The Government of Iran directly accused Israel of this event and warned that it would respond, amid Israeli complaints about the Iranian nuclear program and the increase in bombing by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) against alleged Iranian targets. In Syria.

In this regard, Israel’s Defense Minister, Benjamin Gantz, stated on Sunday that the government is preparing offensive options against Iran “if necessary”, after the alert issued against possible attacks against Israeli citizens in Turkey. “We are in contact with the Turkish authorities and of course we are preparing offensive capabilities, in case they are necessary,” he argued in statements to the Israeli television channel Channel 12. “I recommend the Iranians not to test these capabilities,” he stressed. .

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