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A couple got married in front of “Chabelo’s” funeral: “We couldn’t cancel the wedding”

The death of ‘Chabelo’ It led to thousands of comments as a tribute to the 88-year-old comedian. Xavier Lopez Rodriguez passed away on March 25 due to a septic shock. From very early on, relatives informed that the funeral would be held privately south of Mexico City.

Despite the warning, fans and the media went to the place hoping to see the actor’s float pass or be near the place to say goodbye.

To the surprise of a couple, the funeral of “Chabelo” took place in front of the place where they would celebrate their wedding, as reported by Zeltzin Morrison through some TikTok videos.

The wedding that was held in front of the wake of Chabelo

Zeltzin recounted through his account how they noticed the coincidence. The young woman narrated that both she and her future husband mourned the death of the “friend of all children” and even “joked” about the possibility that the funeral home, located in front of the room where they would celebrate the wedding, would house the body of the actor.

The communication specialist shares that months before, during the planning of the party, they noticed that there was a funeral home on the other side of the sidewalk and asked if there was no problem if the day of the party coincided with someone’s obsequies. The organizers answered no.

On Saturday, March 25, the couple and guests noticed that there was a crowd of people in said establishment and wondered if it was perhaps ‘Chabelo’, to which the driver of the vehicle they were boarding answered yes, that it was indeed Xavier López. Who were watching that afternoon?

Xavier López's program 'Chabelo' was broadcast on television for 48 years.

Despite the discomfort that the news aroused in the couple, Morrison comments that they could no longer cancel the wedding so they continued with the plans.

“Well, we celebrate and we hoped that the music would not be heard so loud but impossible because later we realized that there was a tiktok out there where everything was heard, what a shame, I’m sorry, “explained the young woman while apologizing to family, friends and people who attended the comedian’s funeral.

During the party, the couple commented if they would ever go out or be mentioned in a show program, since it was a very unusual event: the wake of a celebrity like Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ while a wedding was being held a few meters away.


Story Time of how they watched over Chabelo in front of our unu wedding #chabelo #iconico #chisme #boda #parati #viral

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A wedding guest sneaked into Chabelo’s funeral

Among the curious anecdotes of the unusual coincidence, Morrison relates that supposedly one of her guests managed to enter the funeral of “Chabelo” thanks to one of the centerpieces that he took; However, he points out that she did not share photos with him, only the story.

“They let her in and she gave our centerpiece to the funeral,” the user shared.

Before the questions from dozens of Internet users about why he did not upload photos or tiktoks on his wedding day, Zeltzin replied that the last thing he had thought of was posting content on his account on such an important day.


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♬ original sound – Zeltzin Morrison

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