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A boy has been trapped in a well in Morocco for two days

Image of the well into which the child has fallen. / AFP

Rayan, 5, fell into a 32 meter deep well and the rescue services are working against the clock to get him out alive


The civil protection teams continue this Thursday with the rescue work to be able to extract Rayan, a 5-year-old boy, from a 32-meter-deep well into which he fell almost two days ago in a town in the province of Chefchaouen, in the north of Morocco.

The authorities have mobilized five bulldozers and dozens of civil protection agents, as well as local officials and members of the Royal Gendarmerie, who are striving to get the little boy out as soon as possible, after it has been confirmed that he is still alive, says the Moroccan newspaper ‘Le Matin’.

The work has intensified in recent hours and excavations have been opened parallel to the well. In the meantime, the authorities have managed to send the boy bottles of water and oxygen cylinders.

The government spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, explained that the large number of people deployed and the poor conditions of the terrain have made the rescue work somewhat difficult, but he is confident of a happy ending.

“We have the necessary means and experience to make this rescue operation a success. We will not hesitate to ask for external help, but this is Morocco, and we have our own experience”, said Baitas.


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