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9z and Virtus Pro headline FiReLEAGUE Battle, the great Counter Strike party: date and ticket prices

The Movistar Arena will host the first massive event of the year dedicated to esports on July 8.

FiReSPORTSthe comprehensive esports organization that was born in Argentina in 2020 and that in just three years was positioned in Latin America, Brazil, the United States and Europe, prepares the party of the Argentine video game scene Counter Strike: Global Offensivealso known by its acronym CS:GO.

The Movistar Arena will host the FiReLEAGUE Battlethe first major face-to-face esports event with the Valve company shooter that will have two central confrontations. The main, international level.

FiReLEAGUE Battle: all the details

Virtus Pro won the first edition of the Rio de Janeiro Major in November 2022.

The Argentine set 9z Team will be the host of the gamer event when in front of Virtus.prothe legendary Russian organization created in 2003 and winner of two Majors, the last one in November 2022 in Rio de Janeiro.

The European team that quickly managed to become one of the most successful and recognized in multiple esports disciplines is expected to arrive in Argentina with its star quintet: Aleksei Golubev (Qikert), Dzhami Ali (Jame), Evgeniy Lebedev (FL1T) , Petr Bolyshev (fame) and David Daniyelyan (n0rb3r7).

The Argentine Nicholas "Buddha" Kramer, 9z Team player.

Argentine Nicolás “Buda” Kramer, player of 9z Team.

For her part, La Violeta earned the recognition of fans in the country based on her recent participation in the Majors in Antwerp (Belgium), where she qualified for the first time, and the Major in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) beyond. of various titles at the regional level.

For the Uruguayans Franco Garcia (dgt) and Maximiliano Gonzalez (max), the Chilean David Tapia Maldonado (dav1deuS) and the Argentines Nicolás Kramer (buda) and Santino Rigal (try) it will be their first face-to-face competition in Argentina in front of thousands of spectators.

That same day will take place the Grand Final of the FiReLEAGUE Argentinaa competition that began on June 1 with an Open Qualifier in which more than 100 teams registered.

The best eight CSGO teams in the country advanced to the Closed Qualifier stage: Boca Juniors Gaming, LRV Esports, River Plate Gaming, MITOS, Mad Kings Esports, VELOX, WAP Esports and Disorganized. The top five from that stage qualified for the Playoffs, where they had to face the three invited squads: Furious Gaming, WINDINGO and BEAST.

This is how BESTIA, WINDINGO, LRV Esports and Boca Juniors Gaming managed to get into the semifinals that will be held on July 2 in person (without an audience) at the FiReSPORTS Gaming Center located in Palermo, in the City of Buenos Aires. The winners will secure their place on the face-to-face stage of the FiReLEAGUE Grand Final at the Movistar Arena.

The FiReLEAGUE Battle represents a historic moment for esports in Argentina and the region, since with this event esports will reach a massive audience for the first time on an international level battlefield.

The organizers expect a massive call for the first major event in the country focused on the Valve video game, one of the most massive in the world and whose community maintains loyalty to local and international figures.

The FiReLEAGUE Battle will take place at the Movistar Arena on July 8. The doors of the event will be open from 2:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, tickets are already available from 3000 pesos on the website of the stadium in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo.


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