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8K screen, neural networks and solar remote control: this is Samsung’s new futuristic TV

Televisions take center stage in the home when it comes to consuming entertainment. In this sense, Samsung presented this Wednesday the evolution of the screens: the new model Neo QLED 8K 2022 which aims to redefine the experience of using a Smart TV based on neural networks and artificial intelligence.

For this, the South Korean giant included in the heart of the product the Neural Quantum Processor 8K. The latest processor has 20 neural networks equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) independent, each of which analyzes the characteristics of the content and the quality of the image for ideal viewing, regardless of whether it comes from a Cable channel or Netflix.

The Neural Quantum Processor 8K also drives a new technological innovation: Real Depth Enhancer. This technology scans the screen and maximizes contrast with the background enhancing the object while keeping the background raw. It works similarly to the way that human eyes perceive images in real lifeso the scene on the screen stands out against the background.

The processor, combined with the powerful Quantum Mini LEDscreates precise, controlled lighting so that bright areas stay bright and the dark space around them stays dark – a feature we’ve called Shape Adaptive Light Control. For example, the full moon will remain bright against a black night sky.

The Neo QLED 8K have an integrated processor with 20 neural networks equipped with Artificial Intelligence. Photo: Samsung.

The Neural Quantum Processor 8K’s AI analyzes what’s on the screen in real time so Adaptive Sound features can track and move between the speakers and precisely match the movement on the screen.

Samsung also introduced wireless sound technology Wireless Dolby Atmos on your Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs, which means pristine audio quality without the need to connect HDMI cables.

An improved screen with ecological materials

Samsung’s 2022 lineup is packed with features and a new user interface and more intelligent, which allows televisions and screens to adapt to the content that users consume, serve as a platform to control devices, play games and even exercise.

The user interface SmartHub, which the South Korean company introduced this year, brings together all aspects of the smart experience on one easy-to-navigate screen. The new tab categorizes features, settings, and content into three categories for an ideal user experience: Media, Gaming Hub and Ambient.

The Smart Hub UI of the 2022 Neo QLED 8K brings all aspects of entertainment together.  Photo: Samsung.

The Smart Hub UI of the 2022 Neo QLED 8K brings all aspects of entertainment together. Photo: Samsung.

The screen Half orchestrates user entertainment choices – including video on demand, streaming and Samsung TV Plus with more than 190 free channels – and recognizes user preferences with machine learning to make smart recommendations across platforms and services.

While, Gaming Hub this is a new game streaming discovery platform. No downloads required, no storage needed. Of course, the new platform will be available later this year on selected models of Samsung Smart TV 2022.

On the gaming side, the TVs include four HDMI 2.1-compatible ports, Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro 4K gaming with a 144Hz refresh rate, Super Ultrawide GameView, and Game Bar, making gaming more efficient.

In this sense, Samsung also announced that it will present in the coming months an exclusive TV line for games in 43 and 50 inches.

The solar remote control for 2022 Neo QLED 8K TVs.  Photo: Samsung.

The solar remote control for 2022 Neo QLED 8K TVs. Photo: Samsung.

On the other hand, the category environment enhances the aesthetics of the home, whether it’s synchronizing the screen display with the surrounding décor or creating an eye-catching point of art.

Along with these novelties will also come the renewed solar cell remote controlwhich received an update for 2022. It is 88% more efficient than the 2020 models. They are now completely battery free and can be charged via 2.4GHz radio frequency pickup, drawing power from spare power emitted by WiFi routers.

Samsung 2022 TVs, monitors, digital signs and remote controls are made from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled resin. In particular, high-resolution monitors use this discarded material from the ocean and recovered from coastal areas to inhabit what becomes dangerous marine debris.

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