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50 killed including 5 children in rocket attack on Ukraine’s railway station, 10 special things

Russo-Ukraine war seems unlikely to end

Ukraine-Russia war: At least 50 people, including five children, were killed in a rocket attack on the railway station of Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine today. This station was being used to rescue people. Russia has denied the attack.

10 important things related to the Russo-Ukraine war

  1. According to the local governor, at least 50 people have died in the attack by Russia, including five children. The attack took place while civilian rescue operations were underway.

  2. After this rocket attack, Russian President Volodymyr Zelensky called Russia such an ‘evil’ that knows no bounds. He said, ‘They are destroying the civilian population. If it is not punished then this cycle will never stop. ,

  3. Meanwhile, like the US, Britain has included Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughters in its sanctions list.

  4. French President Emmanuel Macron has feared that Russia will intensify attacks in Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region in the coming weeks, leading to more “difficult scenes” of alleged atrocities against civilians near the capital Kyiv.

  5. The defense ministers of Turkey, Britain and Italy will meet in Istanbul today on the issue of Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the security ties of the three NATO allies.

  6. Japan has expelled eight Russian envoys. According to Japan, this step has been taken in response to Russia’s action on Ukraine, including the killing of civilians.

  7. Turkey’s foreign minister, which is hosting peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, has said that recent images from Bucha and other regions have spoiled the positive atmosphere created recently.

  8. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization said world food prices hit an all-time high in March as Russia’s attack on Ukraine disrupted wheat and coarse grain exports.

  9. The United Nations General Assembly suspended Russia from the Human Rights Council yesterday. This step has been taken after the killings in the city of Bucha, Ukraine.

  10. 93 countries voted in favor of leaving Russia out of the UNHRC, while 58 countries, including India, refrained from voting. 24 countries voted against the proposal to exclude Russia.

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