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5 outdoor games that make children grow and fit, nothing is better than this during summer holidays

Outdoor Games: Along with diet, exercise is also necessary for the proper development of children.

Not only is a healthy diet necessary for the proper development of children, but it is also necessary to be physically active. For this, outdoor games have been considered the best. Playing not only helps children to be physically active, but also helps in their mental development. Outdoor Games Many children play together in such a way that the group activity of the child increases, he learns to deal with people. Let us know which outdoor sports can improve the overall growth of your child during this summer vacation.

Games that help in the growth of children Games That Help In The Growth Of Children


1) Kho-Kho

Kho-Kho is a traditional outdoor game. Children play it with a lot of heart in school too. During the summer vacation, children can play this game by going to the nearby ground. Many tournaments related to Kho-Kho are also organized. It is played with a large group of children. During this, children divide into two teams and hold each other.

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2) Badminton

This game played with racket is very good for the physical development of children. Two players are needed to play it. If there is no park near your house, then badminton can also be played in the empty space in front of the house. While hitting with badminton, children jump up to a height, this also helps in increasing the height and also makes the child agile.

3) Cricket

Cricket is considered one of the most popular outdoor games. Children play this game by forming a team of 12-12 people. There is a lot of physical activity while playing cricket, which improves blood circulation and also helps children to stay fit. If your child is golu-molu then you motivate him to play cricket, it will help him to lose weight.

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4) Kabaddi

Kabaddi is the most popular outdoor game in North India. Like cricket, it is a lot of fun to play and watch this game, as well as it is a great game for physical and mental development. This gives breathing exercise, as well as better grip. This game can also be played for weight loss.

5) tug of war

There is also strength training for children while tug of war. This strengthens the muscles and it is considered a good game for overall development.

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