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30 million people in lockdown in China, Omicron again raised fear of Pandemic

Massive testing of Coronavirus has started again in China

The havoc of Corona has started intensifying again in China. In China, about 30 million people were imprisoned in lockdown on Tuesday. In view of the increasing cases of corona, large-scale testing has started again in China, health officials in PPE kits have started appearing again on the streets of cities. And all this is happening on the scale of the onset of the Pandemic. On Tuesday, 5,280 new Covid 19 cases were reported in China. This was double the figure a day earlier. While China is adopting a “Zero-Covid” strategy of not ignoring a single case of Covid, on the other hand, the Omicron variant spread across the country, challenging China’s Zero Covid policy. Is.


Due to its Zero Covid policy, China has been imposing strict lockdown at the local level and due to this, China was almost cut off from the outside world for the last two years. But China’s zero Covid policy is being challenged due to the rapidly spreading Omicron variant in the community.

China on Tuesday put a complete lockdown of 13 of its cities and there was a partial lockdown in many other cities.

The Corona lockdown has had the worst effect on Jilin, the northwestern region of China. According to the National Health Commission of China, more than 3000 new cases were reported here on Tuesday.

Along with many cities, people in the provincial capital Changchun are also “ordered to stay at home”. About 90 lakh people live in Changchun.

China’s southern city and tech hub Shenzhen has been under lockdown for three days. Many factories have closed and drawers are empty in many supermarkets. Shanghai, China’s largest city, is facing many restrictions due to Corona, just a complete lockdown has not been imposed here.

Common people are feeling the danger as much as the initial phase of the Pandemic due to increased shopping in fear and the presence of police. At the end of 2019, the corona Pandemic was first detected in China, after which the corona spread all over the world. Now that the end of the lockdown in China is approaching, health QR codes are visible everywhere in public places.

Project manager Mary Yu, who was on a 21-day home quarantine with her mother and three-year-old child, said she was forced to separate from her family after a virus case was found at the playground they had visited.

Mary Yu, 34, told AFP, “I was terrified when the health officials called. I was afraid they would take me to the Quarantine Hotel. But this time they are allowing me to self-isolate at home.” Huh. It’s a big relief.”

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