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കുസൃതികാര്യമായി; ‘Blackie’ lost his life and rescued the accompanying dog

Ranni: Seeing Blackie’s childish play, he came together to show off. But while playing, it became a game. He was trapped in Blackie’s lap. The dog he played with also suffered a lot. He was brought back to life as the doctor and animal lovers arrived. Everyone said goodbye to Blackie with tears in their eyes.

Blackie is the foster child of Puthettu Ahilya at Pallipadi in Vechoochira Chathanthara 15. A puppy that is always kept locked up in the yard at home. Ahilya was spotted on Thursday morning with another dog snuggled into Blackie’s lap locked in a ditch outside. Never seen before. Having a belt around the neck made sure it was something home-grown. They are playing with each other. When he tried to sniff, he snorted and threatened.

In the hope of rescuing Blackie, he untied the knot. The man who came out in an attempt to escape dragged her away as well. Blackie, who had been dragged to the ground by the thighs, was paralyzed.

KT Chandran, who lives about 100 meters away, tried to save both the dogs after seeing their miserable condition. Chandran was bitten on the left arm. Chandran was admitted to Erumeli Government Hospital where he was injected.

News spread across the country with a picture of dogs being bitten on the legs as cruelty to dogs. Although many of the neighbors did not know it, it was widely discussed in the news media in other countries. Vechoochira police and activists of animal lovers’ organizations in Thiruvalla arrived. Following the information, Vechoochira Veterinary Doctor S. Roshan also came to the spot. Gave him the favorite food and made him happy. At this point, he closed his mouth and untied the knot around his waist. Blackie had died before this. The people gathered at the spot were happy to save at least one. Ahilya and her family are grieving the loss of their beloved Blackie. Police said the case was not registered as the matter was understood.


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